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A web interface for the Bayesian estimation of stellar parameters

See da Silva et al (2006) for details.

New: Version 1.3 released in May 8, 2013. Asteroseismology included.
New: Version 1.2 released in Apr 9, 2013. PARSEC tracks (with pre-main sequence) can now be used.

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Stellar observables Enter with the stellar observed parameters together with their 1σ errors (here assumed to be Gaussian):
Teff=± K, [Fe/H]=± dex
Information available:
Star of known parallax, as in da Silva et al (2006), with V=± mag, parallax=± mas
Star with asteroseismology, as in Miglio et al. (2013), with Δν=± μHz, νmax=± μHz, and evolutionary stage unknown RGB red clump
Evolutionary tracksNew: PARSEC isochrones from Bressan et al. (2012), with scaled-solar composition and following the Y=0.2485+1.78Z relation. The solar metal content is Z☉=0.0152. They include the pre-main sequence phase.
PARSEC version 1.1: available for 0.0001≤Z≤0.06 (-2.2≤[M/H]≤+0.5), in the range 0.1≤M/M☉<12. With revised diffusion+overshooting in low-mass stars, and improvements in interpolation scheme.

Previous sets: The following isochrones are available for all 0.0001≤Z≤0.03, and ages from 0 to 17 Gyr, in the range 0.15≤M/M☉<100. The solar metal content in this case is Z☉=0.019.
Basic set of Girardi et al. (2002) : Girardi et al. (2000) + simplified TP-AGB (for M≤7M☉) + Bertelli et al. (1994) (for M>7M☉) + additional Z=0.0001 and Z=0.001 tracks.
Bayesian priorsIMF for single stars:
Star Formation Rate:

in the age interval from yr to yr

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