TRILEGAL 1.5 input form

Bug corrected! (07Dec11) The bulge was absent from simulations with l>180deg.
(14Feb11) Binary components can be printed separately.
(1June10) Bug in the web form corrected: thick disk density is given in Msun/pc3, not Msun/pc2.

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Pointing parametersUsing Epoch 2000, decimal numbers:
Galactic coordinates centered on l = deg, b = deg
Equatorial coordinates centered on α = h, δ = deg
Total field area = deg² (max=10 deg²)
Photometric systemBolometric corrections are computed as in Girardi et al. 2002.
Available systems:
Limiting magnitude in th filter is set to mag (max=32 mag)
Distance modulus resolution of Galaxy components is mag (min=0.05 mag)
IMF and binariesIMF for single stars:

Turn binaries onoff
Binary fraction = with mass ratios between and

Print binary components as a single entry separately

ExtinctionNo dust extinction or

Exponential disk exp(-|z|/hz,dust)×exp(-R/hR,dust)
with scale heigth hz,dust= pc and scale length hR,dust= pc
Local calibration: dAV/dr(☉)= mag/pc
Calibration at infinity: AV(∞)= mag

1σ dispersion= times the total extinction (max=0.3)

Solar positionSun's Galactocentric radius R☉= pc, height above disk z☉= pc
Thin discNo thin disc or

Along z: Exponential: exp(-|z|/hz,d) Squared hyperbolic secant: sech²(0.5z/hz,d)
with scale height hz,d increasing with age t cf. hz,d=z0(1+t/t0)α
z0= pc, t0= yr, α=.

Along R: Exponential disc: exp(-R/hR,d)
with scale length hR,d= pc, and inner/outer cutoffs at R= pc and pc.

Local calibration: Σd(☉)= M☉/pc²

SFR and AMR given by with age(yr)=×t+.

Thick discNo thick disc or

Along z: Exponential: exp(-|z|/hz,td) Squared hyperbolic secant: sech²(0.5z/hz,td)
with scale height hz,td= pc

Along R: Exponential disc: exp(-R/hR,td)
with scale length hR,td= pc, and inner/outer cutoffs at R= pc and pc.

Local calibration: Ωtd(☉)= M☉/pc³

SFR and AMR given by with age(yr)=×t+.

HaloNo halo or

r¼ Spheroid
Oblate r¼ Spheroid
Effective radius rh= pc (at major axis), oblateness qh=

Local calibration: Ωh(☉)= M☉/pc³

SFR and AMR given by with age(yr)=×t+.

BulgeSee Vanhollebeke et al. (2009) for details.
No bulge or
Triaxial bulge
Scale length am= pc, truncation scale length a0= pc,
y/x axial ratio η= z/x axial ratio ξ=
Sun-GC-bar angle φ0=°

Central calibration: Ωb(GC)= M☉/pc³

SFR and AMR given by with age(yr)=×t+.

Additional object

The addition of star clusters and galaxies is being planned. It requires a major upgrade of the web forms.

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