PARAM 1.0 help

Quick help This is PARAM 1.0, a routine to estimate the basic intrinsic parameters of stars given their photometric and spectroscopic data. This initial version (1.0) is especially suited to detemine parameters of bright stars in the Hipparcos catalogue. The method is fully described in the paper

da Silva, L., Girardi, L., Pasquini, L., Setiawan, J., von der Lühe, O., de Medeiros, J. R., Hatzes, A., Döllinger, M. P., & Weiss, A. 2006, Astronomy and Astrophysics Basic physical parameters of a selected sample of evolved stars

where users will also find a few illustrative examples of probability distribution functions obtained for different kinds of giants.

PARAM 1.0 is a preliminary release, still under construction. More features and help pages will be added soon.

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