People involved These are the people directly involved with TRILEGAL:
  • Léo Girardi: PI and in charge of the C programming. He's now extending the input database of stellar models, photometric systems, geometries, etc.
  • Martin Groenewegen: co-PI, responsible for the earliest applications to deep surveys. He's now dealing with the IR and the Bulge population.
  • Luiz da Costa: formerly responsible for EIS, has fostered the building of TRILEGAL and its use in public surveys.
  • Evanthia Hatziminaoglou: is developing the application of TRILEGAL to the problem of object classification in surveys.
  • Evelien Vanhollebeke: calibrated the Bulge population.
  • Paola Marigo: is continuously implementing better TP-AGB models.
  • Alexandre Zabot, Antonio Kanaan: are implementing better white dwarf models.
  • People who helped We are greatly indebted to many people who contributed with data, ideas, and encouragement to this project. Please refer to the papers for the full list and references. But just to mention a few important contributions:
  • Gilles Chabrier and Isabelle Baraffe: evolutionary and spectral models for very-low mass stars and brown dwarfs.
  • Robert Kurucz and Fiorella Castelli: spectral energy distributions for most types of stars.
  • Gianpaolo Bertelli, Alessandro Bressan, and Cesare Chiosi: most of the evolutionary models for massive stars.
  • Omar Benvenuto, L.G. Althaus and Maurizio Salaris: evolutionary models for white dwarfs.
  • Detlef Koester: spectral energy distributions for DA white dwarfs.
  • Schlegel, Finkbeiner & Davis: extinction maps.
  • Bart Vandenbuesche: help in setting the Leuven web pages.
    In addition, there is a very long an ever-growing list of people who helped finding mistakes in the code and web interface. My sincere thanks!
  • This service is mantained by Léo Girardi at the Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova.
    Questions, comments and special requests should be directed to leo.girardi@oapd·inaf·it .
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