Available photometric systems

Here follows a list of the photometric systems for which we are presently providing bolometric corrections, extinction coefficients, isochrones, and simulations of stellar populations. The list extends those you find in our papers, in particular those in Girardi et al. (2002), Girardi et al. (2005), Girardi et al. (2008), Marigo et al. (2008), Aringer et al. (2009). In a few cases (as indicated in the last column), we have also revised the zeropoints in view of new literature data. The photometric systems below are also used in the following databases and web interfaces:

Photometric system Nickname in database Filters included Central wavelength range Kind of zeropoints References for filters Additional information
Johnson ubv UBV 3642-5502 Å Vega Maiz-Apellaniz (2006) zeropoints from Maiz-Apellaniz (2006)
Bessell & Brett bessell UxBxBV(RI)cJHKLL'M 0.36-4.72 μm Vega Bessell (1990), Bessell & Brett (1988)
UBVRIJHK ubvrijhk UBV(RI)cJHK 0.36-2.15 μm Vega Maiz-Apellaniz (2006), Bessell (1990), Bessell & Brett (1988) combination of previous 2 systems
Stroemgren-Crawford stroemgren uvbyHbetawHbetan 3474-5478 Å Vega Maiz-Apellaniz (2006), Moro & Munari (2000) assumed beta=Hbetaw-Hbetan=2.873 for Vega (Hawk & Mermilliod (1998))
Tycho tycho VTBT 4250-5303 Å Vega Maiz-Apellaniz (2006)
SDSS sloan ugriz 3587-8934 Å AB Fukugita et al. (1996) details in Girardi et al. (2004); uses Pogson's formula for magnitudes
APASS Johnson BV, Sloan g'r'i' 4460-7485 Å Vega and AB Henden et al. (2009) only included in the table "tesssismo"
OGLE-II ogle UBVI 3695-8321 Å Vega OGLE website details in Vanhollebeke et al. (2009)
ESO/WFI wfi WFI wide filters 3469-8590 Å Vega ESO/WFI website
Washington washington CMT1T2 3982-8078 Å Vega Geisler (1996)
Washington+DDO51 washington_ddo51 CMT1T2 + DDO51 for 3 different focal ratios 3982-8078 Å Vega Geisler (1996) for Washington, KPNO webpages for DDO51
DENIS denis IJKs 0.79-2.15 μm Vega Fouque et al. (2000)
Spitzer spitzer all MIPS+IRAC filters 3.52-154 μm Vega Spitzer webpages details in Groenewegen (2006)
2MASS 2mass JHKs 1.23-2.16 μm Vega Cohen et al. (2003)
WISE wise W1W2W3W4 3.4-22.0 μm Vega Wright et al. (2010)
DCMC dcmc IJHKs 0.79-2.15 μm Vega Fouque et al. (2000), Cohen et al. (2003) it's simply I from DENIS plus JHKs from 2MASS
UKIDSS ukidss ZYJHKs 0.88-2.20 μm Vega Hewett et al. (2006)
VISTA vista ZYJHKs 0.8-2.3 μm Vega the VIRCAM instrument page zeropoints in VSA are offset, see sect. 2.2 in Rubele et al. (2012) for details
BATC batc all 15 filters 3383-9722 Å AB Yan et al. (2006)
DMC dmc15 and dmc14 all 15 filters (reduced to 14 in latest optical configuration) 4223-9088 Å AB Doi et al. (1998) see also Kuncarayakti et al. (2008)
Subaru/Suprime-Cam suprimecam the wide filters used by COSMOS: BVRIgriz 4452-9176 Å AB Peter Capak COSMOS page, plus RI from Hendrik Hildebrandt
Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam hsc grizy NB816 NB921 4854-9763 Å AB
CFHT/MegaCam (pre-2014 megacam u*g'r'i'z' 3880-8850 Å AB Mathias Schultheis, priv. comm. see also Coupon et al. (2009)
CFHT/MegaCam, post 2014 megacam_post2014 u*g'r'i'z' 3880-8850Å AB Jean-Charles Cuillandre, priv. comm. includes response of atmosphere, optics, detectors
HST/WFPC2 wfpc2 all wide filters 1700-9092 Å Vega Holtzman et al. (1995)
HST/ACS WFC acs_wfc all wide filters 1700-9092 Å Vega Sirianni_etal05 details in Girardi et al. (2008)
HST/ACS HRC acs_hrc all wide filters 4396-9039 Å Vega Sirianni_etal05 details in Girardi et al. (2008)
HST/NICMOS nicmosvega JHK equivalent 1.10-2.04 μm Vega Don Figer, private commun. details in Girardi et al. (2002)
HST/WFC3 IR channell (final throughputs) wfc3ir all W filters 1.05-1.53 μm Vega Jason Kalirai, private comm. see Girardi et al. (2008)
HST/WFC3 UVIS channell (final throughputs) wfc3uvis1 and wfc3uvis2 (for chips 1 and 2) all W and LP filters 2538-9149 Å Vega Jason Kalirai, private comm. see Girardi et al. (2008). Chip 1 is to be preferred.
AKARI akari all filters 2.32-160 μm Vega AKARI webpages details in Groenewegen (2006)
Kepler kepler Kepler 'wide filter' ~6400 Å AB Guillermo Torres, private comm. SDSS griz+DDO51 added for convenience
Swift/UVOT swift_uvot all filters ~1900-3700 Å Vega Wayne Landsman, private comm. see also Hoversten et al. (2009)
Pan-STARRS1 panstarrs1 grizyw ~4900-9600 Å AB Tonry et al. (2012)
Gaia DR1 gaia G,G_BP,G_RP ~4500-9000 Å Vega pre-launch curves
Gaia DR2 gaiaDR2 G,G_BP,G_RP ~4500-9000 Å Vega Gaia DR2 webpages
Gaia DR2, cf. Weiler 2018 gaiaDR2weiler G,G_BPbr,G_BPft,G_RP ~4500-9000 Å Vega Weiler (2018) Weiler, priv. comm.
Gaia DR2, cf. Maiz-Apellaniz and Weiler 2018 gaiaDR2maiz G,G_BPbr,G_BPft,G_RP ~4500-9000 Å Vega Maiz-Apellaniz & Weiler (2018) Weiler, priv. comm.
SkyMapper skymapper uvgriz ~3200-9800 Å AB SVO thanks to Mario Radovich
GALEX galex FUV NUV 1700-2600 Å Vega Galex Web pages
VISIR visir F606W F814W Ks PAH1 0.5-85.6 μm Vega Yazan Momany, priv. comm.

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