TRILEGAL 1.6 input form

Warning! (17mar13) We are forced to limit the maximum CPU time to 10 min. If this is too short, please split your simulation into smaller areas.

New version! (10Sep12) v1.6 becomes the default. It's the result of correcting some bugs in the central disk densities (for thin and thick disks), and then recalibrating their parameters. A provisional description of these changes is in this paper. Changes are not dramatic but are in the sense of improving agreeent with data. The previous version is still available in v1.5.

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Pointing parametersUsing Epoch 2000, decimal numbers:
Galactic coordinates centered on l = deg, b = deg
Equatorial coordinates centered on α = h, δ = deg
Total field area = deg² (max=10 deg²)
Photometric systemBolometric corrections are computed as in Girardi et al. 2002.
Available systems:
Limiting magnitude in th filter is set to mag (max=32 mag)
Distance modulus resolution of Galaxy components is mag (min=0.05 mag)
IMF and binariesIMF for single stars:

Turn binaries onoff
Binary fraction = with mass ratios between and

Print binary components as a single entry separately

ExtinctionNo dust extinction or

Exponential disk exp(-|z|/hz,dust)×exp(-R/hR,dust)
with scale heigth hz,dust= pc and scale length hR,dust= pc
Local calibration: dAV/dr(☉)= mag/pc
Calibration at infinity: AV(∞)= mag

1σ dispersion= times the total extinction (max=0.3)

Solar positionSun's Galactocentric radius R☉= pc, height above disk z☉= pc
Thin discNo thin disc or

Along z: Exponential: exp(-|z|/hz,d) Squared hyperbolic secant: sech²(0.5z/hz,d)
with scale height hz,d increasing with age t cf. hz,d=z0(1+t/t0)α
z0= pc, t0= yr, α=.

Along R: Exponential disc: exp(-R/hR,d)
with scale length hR,d= pc, and inner/outer cutoffs at R= pc and pc.

Local calibration: Σd(☉)= M☉/pc²

SFR and AMR given by with age(yr)=×t+.

Thick discNo thick disc or

Along z: Exponential: exp(-|z|/hz,td) Squared hyperbolic secant: sech²(0.5z/hz,td)
with scale height hz,td= pc

Along R: Exponential disc: exp(-R/hR,td)
with scale length hR,td= pc, and inner/outer cutoffs at R= pc and pc.

Local calibration: Ωtd(☉)= M☉/pc³

SFR and AMR given by with age(yr)=×t+.

HaloNo halo or

r¼ Spheroid
Oblate r¼ Spheroid
Effective radius rh= pc (at major axis), oblateness qh=

Local calibration: Ωh(☉)= M☉/pc³

SFR and AMR given by with age(yr)=×t+.

BulgeSee Vanhollebeke et al. (2009) for details.
No bulge or
Triaxial bulge
Scale length am= pc, truncation scale length a0= pc,
y/x axial ratio η= z/x axial ratio ξ=
Sun-GC-bar angle φ0=°

Central calibration: Ωb(GC)= M☉/pc³

SFR and AMR given by with age(yr)=×t+.

Additional object

The addition of star clusters and galaxies is being planned. It requires a major upgrade of the web forms.

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